UPDATE 1-27-11. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! We finished writing the book today! There has been a huge change of events in me and my families lives. This is the year of huge changes in our lives. You and your loved ones lives too!!!. It started in the mid month of last November accelerating into Jan of this year. A huge shift in the atmosphere has taken place. Just after I finished the book I went outside and ran down my street screaming my face off. Aah the feelings is accelerating. A little boy asked me if I was ok. I smiled at him and said I'm ok.

Now I need to get the manuscript press ready. First time doing this so might have some snags but will be easier at doing our 2nd book. If funds come in we will get put to press the Art of Spiritual Warfare. Then convert the Maximizing the Armor of God in Multiple Languages. When this book goes to press we will be working on finishing The Five Offices maximizing unity maximizing growth.

Thank you for all of your patience and deeply regret the hardships you all might of had to good through without getting a chance to read this book first. God richly bless you and restore all that needs to be restored. Our God is a God of Restoration. Not a replacement God. Not a no hope God. What God intended to have for you and your loved ones you will have. Even if God has to resurrect you from the dead to give it to you, He will. Guaranteed!!!!

In closing, this has been an enriching, frustrating, accelerating, revealing and healing – all at the same time – experience for me. I continue to apply it in my life daily. My life will never be the same again. My prayer is, that it will at least do the same for you and your loved ones – hopefully better. I love you and you are in my prayers. Now let’s go and kick those false paradigms,  that are floating around in our heads - in the butt. It’s time… for the False Paradigm Beat Down. In this corner we have a long time standing false paradigm who has ragged on and destroyed millions of people. And in this corner we have the blood and the word. Hmmm. Do we have any takers? Who dares to step in the ring and wear the blood and speak/manifest the word? Is there anyone? Going once. Going twice. Going…

UPDATE 7-30-10. Huge change in events just from five days ago. My personal life has been mentally ripped inside out - challenging but in that furnace God revealed another revelation that needs to be in the book... to get to the point. we are to put the blood of Jesus Christ on our Testimonies so that it will establish His Word as Eternally True in our lives/relationship/s. I got goose bumps and all tinglly inside on that one. Awesome. Another Plus - we put the blood of Christ on combos. The blood of Jesus Christ on my Testimony, Honor and Liabilities so that the Word of God can be Established as Eternally True, Glorified and Quenches my Thirst - in/with/and through my life/relationship/s.  

UPDATE 7-25-10.  A series of events have taken place, since update, it looks like the bad things have stopped for a change. whatever is happening, thank you God Almighty. it might be coincidental, but things snapped in the other direction when the Holy Spirit opened my eyes about adding 27 more items, my spirit feels like the book is now complete. these items pertain to the body but outside the body. like my faith, my hope and my love. Examples: the blood of Jesus Christ on my faith so that the Word of God can move the mountains in my life/our relationship/s. the blood of Jesus Christ on my hope so that the Word of God can Manifest Restoration in my life/our relationship/s. the blood of Jesus Christ on my love so that the Word of God can Remove all of the Fears in my life/our relationship/s. this is so freakn awesome when He showed me this. i have been stoked ever since. love you guys - more than ever.

 There is the story of Isaac who was looking for a place to settle and every time he dug a well, the bad guys came along and hassled him for it. Isaac wouldn't resist, he would move on. after awhile Isaac's guys got angry with Isaac, for being a wimp about it. And his shocking answer was  this, God doesn't want us here. when we dig a well and nobody hassles us for it, this is a sign God wants us here. Maybe God never wanted the book to be published before because He wanted more in it. i could of been so excited about publishing it that when I tried He would prevent it, just like Isaac digging his wells. So with this, I ask your forgiveness in leading you to believe that the book would be published sooner than what it was suppose to be in God's timing. I love you all. I am still pushing forward to finishing these new add ons. this is only an estimate when i say this. i hope to be able to send this manuscript to the publisher by end of august 2010. it will take the publisher 6 weeks to 3 months to have sellable copies for us, pending production back logs. 

UPDATE 7-04-10.  Whatever word is after worse, is the word that describes what I have been experiencing over the last four months; ferrous attacks on my family, finances and friendships. in it all, God still comes through and give us bloody victories. it has gone without fail, that every time I apply the blood on a specific body part and or event, it is set free and restored to a better state then before. but the pain has been unbearable at times. this is not said lightly. at times I have come to the brink of doubting myself, my God and my destiny - but by His Mercy, His Blood and His Word has set me and my loved ones free.

listen to this very carefully. re-read it several times and let it saturate your mind, body and soul... in these lasts four months of my life, where someone has taken away or harshly judged me, strangers with compassion have given to me within the same day. so shall it be with you and your loved ones. as I write this I have also have the privilege of hearing His Voice even clearer, responded to it and have been blessed by it. so as it will be for you. I also am approaching my 50th year of my life. my jubilee. I shall live to hear me say with my own mouth, I was set free, from all these burdens-captivities, in my fiftieth year, so that I was able to travel the world and set others free - with compassion - from theirs.

since 3-10-10, I have been able to convert 90% of this manuscript to publisher's publishing format. also, in our recent struggles, God has given us two more revelations to add to this manuscript. first, we've added the "Spiritual Warrior's Creed."  for those who are more familiar with traditional chrisendom, we have at one time or another, recited the Nicene Creed. it's a common declaration of what we believe in as Christians. the "Spiritual Warrior's Creed" is a declaration of who I am in Christ, as a Spiritual Warrior. crafting this one, got me a lot of attention from the warrior of death but eventually - holding onto this - I saw him fall like lightening from heaven's throne room. I believe this document alone, will be the grand crayon of epic proportions, that will shock the sleeping Bride of Christ out of her 1900 year old coma. second, we added the pleading of the Blood of Christ on our body parts, etc, as couples or groups. example: Blood of Jesus Christ on our BONES so that the Word of God can be a Strong Foundation in our relationship/s - group. this is intended to give the proactive believing spouse/partner/members of a congregation, something more tangible and specific to assists them in spiritually aligning/unifying their mind frames with one another, to facilitate a physical manifestation of deliverance and restoration for themselves and their loved ones as a group. couple/group deliverance and restoration is much more enriching, bonding and long lasting than to oneself. heavy stuff. God is good.

UPDATE 3-10-10. Good News! This is not all in vain. Once this book goes to press and funds are available, shortly there after, if the Lord wills, I will publish, “The Art of Spiritual Warfare.” This manuscript takes “Maximizing the Armor Of God to the community level. If the Lords wills again, publish, “The Five Offices – maximizing unity and growth. This is a tangible understanding on how the 5 Offices should operate to strengthen the body for unified speed and agility. And if the Lords wills again, publish, “New Revelations on Revelations.” I go over scores of old and new testaments chapters of obvious any body can understand biblical references – not bits and pieces stringed on the necklace of gloom and doom – of what the 7 year tribulation period really is – not all hell breaks loose on the planet. But a furnace for the bride to make herself ready. This revelation is so overwhelming that the perception of the tribulation period will be turned inside out and upside down. To complete this 5 book series is “The Kings in Christ’s Kingdom” covers the big picture of who we are and what we have the privilege of doing as Christ’s Bride – that is - To Divide and Conquer Hell. Psalm 149. 



Maximizing the Armor of God is a Revolutionary New Approach in handling death, divorce, depression, debt, addictions, fear, loneliness, physical limitations, self-centeredness and everything else that’s destroying our lives! This is not another prayer book on confession, fasting and positive profession against evil. It’s simple, brief and revelationally effective.

It’s simple. The Word of God sets us free to enjoy life with no guilt. Religion convinces us our guilt is removed when we submit to her.

It’s brief. The Word of God automatically transforms our lives when we let it. Religion keeps adding to our “to do list” to make sure we will always feel guilty.

It’s revelationally effective. The Word of God brings unity. Religion brings judgment and isolation.

Maximizing the Armor of God, along with four other books; The Art of Spiritual Warfare, The Five Offices, New Revelations on Revelations and The Kings in Christ’s Kingdom make up a five book series. This series allows us to take the logistics of the Armor of God, combined with harnessing our thoughts, to give us impenetrateable Spiritual Armor of God to the Nth Degree.









M            A            N            U            A           L



Official Maximizing the Armor of God Book Web Site. Self Study Technique that Trains One's Mind to Looking at their Personal Challenges in a Different Light. We do not promote violence. We do Believe problems can be solved better by opening our minds to look at Them in a different prospective. The Apostle Paul states that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities/entities in dimensions that our natural eyes can not see. This book contains: cross analyses of other scripture references to get a deeper meaning of the Armor of God, the person/body who uses the Armor of God and how to use the Armor of God. The book Maximizing the Armor of God takes the Armor of God to the Nth Degree. This web site is also a general Armor of God Resource Center for the following: under armor, armor, body armor, armor games, medieval armor, roman armor, armor of god, body armor vest, suit of armor, knight armor, Spartan armor, full armor of god, whole armor of god, bible putting on the full armor of god, armor of god graphics, the whole armor of god, Ephesians 6 the armor of god, the armor of god, pray the armor of god prayer, armor of god posters, armor of god lessons, armor of god prayer, ect...

 warriors book sample:

Two warriors face to face are battling against each other for their very own survival. Both are using the finest armor a warrior can own. One warrior will win. One warrior will lose... Who will it be?

 On the surface both warriors appear to be equally matched. Both tested and tried by the best of schools. Both look as though neither will lose... How can this be?

 Both warriors can execute precision attack and counter attacks that   are predictably synchronized. One is for life. One is for death. The  Warrior for Life lives to enjoy life. But before he can maximize his enjoyment of life he must first kill the Warrior of Death. The    Warrior of Death lives to enjoy death.  But before he can maximize his enjoyment of death he must first kill the Warrior of Life. Both warriors will have no peace until each has victory over the other... When can this be?

The Warrior of Life enjoyed life without death until the Warrior of Death took his first victim of life. From that moment on the Warrior of Life had dedicated His life in doing battle against the Warrior of Death until the Warrior of Death was dead. The Warrior of Life had no peace as long as the Warrior of Death was alive. The period of time with no peace was as long as it took the Warrior of Life to kill the Warrior of Death.

The Warrior of Death enjoyed Death as long as the Warrior of Life was Alive. The Warrior of Death had Peace as long as the Warrior of Life was Alive. The Period of Time with Peace was as long as it took the Warrior of Death to kill the Warrior of Life.

 So the Goal of the Warrior of Life is to Kill the Warrior of Death as soon as possible. The sooner the Warrior of Life kills the Warrior of Death the sooner the Warrior of Life can enjoy Life again without Death. The Warrior of Life is consumed in eradicating death so that life can maximize it’s enjoyment of life.

The Warrior of Life can enjoy Life without Death.

 The Warrior of Death can not enjoy Death without Life. For the enjoyment of the Warrior of Death is in the killing of Life and when the killing of Life is all done then so to is the enjoyment of the Warrior of Death in killing Life. 

So the Goal of the Warrior of Death is to Maximize the killing of just enough Life, without killing all of Life, so that Life can reproduce enough Life so that the Warrior of Death never runs out of Life to kill.

The Warrior of Death needs life more than life needs death. If there is no more life, death cannot maximize it’s enjoyment of killing/death.

The Warrior of Life does not fear Death. The Warrior of Death does not fear Life. Both will go the ends of creation to kill each another.

Both are searching for protégées that will dedicate their lives for the same cause. After countless years of searching both of them have found themselves in the battle field of your mind. Both solicit you to choose their side. The Warrior of Life doesn’t force anyone to join his cause. The Warrior of Death will find out who is the most meaningful person to you in your life and then proceed to kill them. The Warrior of Death hopes that the bitterness of the loved ones death will motivate you to either kill yourself or try to hurt others. If you choose to resist then you will be in the greatest battle of your life. If you choose to participate then you will be in the greatest battle of your life. Choose wisely.

Armor of God  sample:

 We believe the first step in Maximizing the Armor of God is dissecting Apostle Paul’s Armor of God correlation of spiritual truths to physical armor. By doing this, we believe we can take the Armor of God to the Nth Degree....

Blood and Word sample:

Now the body is not made up of one part but of many.  If the foot should say, "Because  I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body," it would not for that reason cease to be part of the body.  And if the ear should say, "Because I am not an eye, I do not   belong to the body," it would not for that reason cease to be part of the body. If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, but one body. 1 COR 12:14-20. 

This section is intended to give us working examples that will help us focus on taking captive the thoughts that are in our minds, that are contrary to the Word of God. In Revelations it tells us, we over come Satan by Christ’s Blood. REV 12:11.  The Jews were told to put the Passover lamb’s blood on the door post so that death would pass them by. EXO 12:13.  In the first part of our example we apply  the blood on a body member or item associated with the body. Second, we give scripture references to that body member...

Blood of Jesus Christ on my:

BONES so that the Word of God can be a Strong Foundation in my life...

Blood of Jesus Christ on my:

THIGHS so that the Word of God can Wrestle for My Destiny in my life...

 Blood of Jesus Christ on my:

REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM so that the Word of God can Multiply in my life...

 Application sample: 

If we continue to address our enemies like the world does then we’ll get a life full of hypocrisy, chaos, loneliness and death.

ROM 8:6-7. The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace;

However, if we want a life with a peace that passes all  understanding

PHIL 4:7. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 

then we’ll need to engage the Holy Spirit in the battle of life and death over our minds and hearts. If we continue to address our enemies with the renewing of our minds

ROM 12:2.  Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.

and take captive every thought

2 COR 10:5. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

 then we will have a life full of peace that passes all understanding, absolutes, life and friendships... 

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UPDATE 4-08-11. WOOO HOOOO! We have sent all the files to the Publisher. The Cover has been approved and an example of it is posted above. The Publisher will be sending me a final proof of what we sent for our approval. And then be ready for sales. Once we get a few copies we hope to do some Radio TV talk shows to promote the 5 book series. And we started writing on THE FIVE OFFICES. Exciting. Physically it's been overwhelming and I have been dizzy quite abit. Wow. A Spiritual attack. Maybe. Maybe not, I ended up putting the Blood of Christ on my 5 senses so that the Word of God would make sense in my life. Ha. That's funny. Love yah. God's Best!




UPDATE 6-10-11.  It's Official! Maximizing the Armor of God is Officially being sold on the Internet under my publisher's website ....!

I got the first soft cover hard copy on 06-09-11 via FedEx and I was overwhelmed with excitement and in shock at the same time. I thumb through it and thought oh no, this my first book ever I have to keep this nice. It was a weird experience. God is good. Thank you for all your prayers and support! It that has been good source of encouragement during the rough times.




































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